Leiden Cryogenics

Keep your cool.

Leiden Cryogenics is a company that started in 1992 with the goal of developing and building cryogenic systems for ultra-low temperatures, mainly dilution refrigerators, but also nuclear demagnetization refrigerators and other devices for fundamental research. It was founded by Prof. Dr. G. Frossati, professor of Experimental Physics at the University of Leiden, the Netherlands, and Mr. A. Kamper, ex-technician at the “Kamerlingh Onnes Laboratory”.

At present the most important “workhorse” of low ultra-low temperature researches is the dilution refrigerator, a system that uses the quantum properties of 3He and 4He to reach temperatures in a continuous way, down to a few mK. Frossati developed many of the techniques presently used in dilution refrigerators and reached several times a world-record lowest continuous temperature. Two of these developments were the continuous silver heat exchangers and the plastic dilution refrigerators. Implanted Si thermometers, plastic Pomeranchuk cells, sapphire pressure transducers and special nuclear demagnetization stages are a few of our developments now used at Leiden Cryogenics. We have the largest choice of dilution refrigerators commercially available in the world, from the smallest model Microkelvin to the largest and most powerful DRS. We also produce the largest cryogen-free dilution refrigerators, with magnets in vacuum and multiple top-loading probes that will become wide-spread because of the constantly increasing Helium price.