Cryogenic Solutions

Welcome to Cryotherm. We are the specialists for the construction and manufacturing of vacuum super insulated containers and transfer pipes for cryogenic liquid gases that are used in many different industries such as chemical industries, medicine, foodstuffs, research or biotechnology.

We develop innovative and market-oriented solutions for our customers’ individual processes.

Get to know us and our various aspects of our work.

Your application – our solution:

Lagerung, Transport Stickstoff-flüssig

Storage and transport of liquid nitrogen

Lagerung, Transport Helium-flüssig

Storage and transport of liquid helium

Biologische Proben: Einfrieren, Lagern

Biological samples: freezing, storage

Transfer verflüssigter Gase (LIN, LOX, LHe, LAr, LH2)

Transfer of liquefied gases

Kühlbäder, Schrumpfen, Kühlen

Cooling baths, shrinking, chilling

LKW-Transportbehälter bis 3.000 Liter

Truck transport tank up to 3,000 litres


Cryogenic systems for transport cooling

Cryo-Regelungs und -Überwachungs-Technik

Cryogenic control and monitoring technology

Cryo-Customizing & -Engineering

Cryogenic customising & engineering


After-Sales Service