Keep your cool.

It’s all about the heat leak. Cryocomp, a product line of DLH Industries, offers the specialized cryogenic and vacuum components you need to guarantee a reliable, long-life cryogenic system. Our valves and accessories are designed and fabricated to the highest standards for original equipment manufacturers involved in the fabrication and rehabilitation of vacuum insulated pipe, tankage, helium transfer lines, flexible lines, cryogenic pumps, dewars and other specialized systems.
The Cryocomp product line includes a comprehensive selection of:

  • Cryogenic Valves and Accessories
  • Vacuum Valves
  • Cryogenic Vapor Vents
  • Cryogenic Bayonets
  • Specialty and Custom Products

Cryocomp has the ability to fabricate special valves for unique applications and we are presently manufacturing special valves from or stock designs for many of our national labs and designers with application specific design requirements. Extremely low heat leak designs for helium and hydrogen and precise flow metering valves are also some of our high demand products.

Thank you for considering DLH Industries and Cryocomp products. We look forward to shipping you your products before the other guys can even deliver a quote.