Cryogenic Limited

Over thirty years experience in the design and manufacture of cryomagnetic instrumentation for both laboratory research and industrial applications.

Cryogenic Ltd. is renowned in low temperature research and material science laboratories world-wide for delivering high quality measurement systems and provid
ing the highest magnetic fields and lower temperatures.

They are actively committed to developing new products for our existing and future customers. These include their wide range of Liquid Helium Free Magnet systems and Variable Temperature Inserts which are easy to operate and offer significant operational cost benefits. Applications include standard laboratory systems, novel MRI imaging magnets and magnetic separation systems with both wet and dry separation processes. A wide range of automated systems are now available using sophisticated data acquisition software and hardware running under the LabVIEW operating environment.

Their aim is to deliver the best cryogenic processing equipment at fair prices designed to do the job reliably, using the latest technology without unnecessary cosmetic features. They put great emphasis on robust construction and the best use of materials. Many of their measurement systems, magnet power supplies and cryostats are still in everyday use after more than 20 years. They believe in providing the back-up their customers expect with the personal and responsible approach to be expected of professionals with more than 30 years experience in magnetism and low temperature systems.