CreaPhys GmbH

Located in Dresden, Germany, CreaPhys provides solutions for research and production in the field of organic electronic to its customers around the world. The company’s activities include the construction of UHV systems and components for organic thing film deposition, vacuum sublimation systems and thermal evaporators. Another main branch is the production of ultra-high purity materials, which is offered as a service on R&D and industrial scale.

CreaPhys was founded in 1999 as a spin-off from Technische University Dresden. Our core expertise lies in the field of organic electronics and materials and since many years we have been providing solutions in the field of materials purification and organic film deposition. Among our customers you will find leading multinational chemical and electronics companies as well as many of the prime research institutions in the field.

Thin film deposition- Solutions that fit your problem

We offer customized solutions for thin film deposition for R&D and small scaled production. Our offer ranges from single components, like organics or metal evaporators, to entire UHV deposition systems. With more than 15 years in the field we have established solutions for most standard processes. These can be combined in a customized set up to meet the individual and oftentimes particular needs of scientific research and R&D. For R&D and pilot scale productions we also offer linear evaporation sources as well as vacuum sublimation systems for material purification.


Ultra- high purity materials- A Key to efficient organic electronic devices.

We also offer ultra-high purity materials(>99.99% labeled opto-electronic grade) that are required for optimal performance in organic opto-electronic devices. Purification of molecular compounds is also offered as service for R&D or production scale quantities. A newly developed proprietary concept allows for the cost-efficient purification of large volumes at high throughputs (up to >10kg) while maintaining the high quality standard for opto-electronic grade materials.